If God is not the author of confusion, why is the Bible so confusing?

First off, God is not the author of confusion. If there’s something confusing in the bible it is because of human misunderstanding and our sin nature getting in the way of seeing His word clearly.

If you have ever felt like His word didn’t make sense I would urge you to begin watching this series of videos that shed some light on the subject. It may take a minute to grasp the concepts being discussed, but it is the truth revealed.  If you have any questions please message us on Facebook.

What are Jude and 2 Peter trying to tell us?!

Unlocking the Scriptures

Understanding Paul

These videos were made by Robert Ferrell. He has been studying God’s word for over 22 years in such a dedicated way. We know that God has revealed something remarkable here. If you’d like to learn more about Robert visit his YouTube Channel and hear his story on how this all came to be.

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